McClain and Company for Quality Bridge Inspection and Maintenance Equipment Rentals

Companies, like people, are complex and multi-faceted. And no two are exactly alike.

McClain & Co., Inc. known publicly for its long-standing tradition of delivering superb customer service, its high standards when it comes to equipment and safety, and the collective expertise, knowledge, and experience of its employees.

But McClain and Company, along with owner and founder Daniel McClain, are also unique in ways that are not necessarily known to their customers and clients. 

What we do know is that McClain started the company back in 1998 providing services to government agencies and engineering companies engaged in the business of inspecting and maintaining highway bridges

Since that time, McClain & Co., Inc. expanded substantially, building on its success as one of the largest under bridge access equipment suppliers in the nation. These expansions include utility and aerial lift rentals, Hi-Rail access equipment for railroad infrastructure, construction services for highway and bridge projects, and traffic control services and equipment rentals.

But another critical aspect of what makes McClain and Company unique is its relationship with its employees. Or, to be more to the point, it’s the exceptional working relationship between Daniel McClain and his employees.

In fact, when explaining why McClain is so unique, the employees tell it best. 

Great Customer Service Comes from Treating Employees Well

It’s a corporate cliché of sorts when executives say that their employees are their “most valuable assets.”  However, at McClain, it seems that this is simply how they operate.

“McClain and Company is a unique company. I believe what makes it unique is the variety of work it goes after. Because the types of jobs are constantly changing, it allows you to do different things each day. It might not be for everyone, but it is why I enjoy coming to work each day. I find it challenging and exciting. McClain is structured into different divisions that can work separately but often work in unison on jobs. This is where McClain can do a job that other companies can’t.

I also believe McClain is orientated not only to the customer but also to the employee. Many times over the last five years I have seen employees having personal issues and the company always seems to work with them. That is not an easy task when you are mainly a service-type company.”

~Steve Tolson, Technical Compliance Manager

Investing in Employees and Encouraging Them to Invest in Themselves

Another common claim among corporate enterprises is that they invest in their workforce. But what most businesses fail to understand is that employees are people who want to excel and are more like a family than a faceless “workforce.”

I started at McClain & Co in May of 2013. In my eight years at McClain, I have been able to learn a vast variety of information about the transportation and infrastructure industry. Since day one, McClain has felt like a family and everyone throughout the whole company has always been warm and welcoming. I have had multiple jobs over the years within the company and I have always been able to look to coworkers for help and encouragement to be able to succeed.

Mr. McClain is understanding and encouraging employees to provide everyone with the training and skills they need to get their jobs done efficiently and effectively. McClain & Co has always been more of a family than a job and am excited to be a part of the company and continuously watch it grow.

~Shelby Smith, Rental Coordinator

Employee Loyalty Begins at the Top and is the Result of Great Leadership

Anyone can be a “boss” but not everyone is a leader. Management without empathy and real caring is simply bureaucracy. However, at businesses like McClain and Company, leadership underlies the success of the business and the commitment of its employees.

“I served 8 years in the Army National Guard, and I’ve held a variety of leadership positions with different companies. I’ve experienced strong leadership and poor leadership in the management chain. I think what sets McClain apart, at least from an employee point of view, is the willingness of the company to put not only the customer first but also the employees. I started working at McClain & Company 7 months ago, and I can honestly say I’ve never felt this level of trust and confidence from a management team.

From the day that I started, I sat down with Mr. McClain and we reviewed his expectations as well as my own. He listened and encouraged me to pursue the areas I thought would help make us successful. So far, whenever I’ve had an idea that has potential, I’ve been encouraged to follow through with it. This kind of leadership, especially from the owner of the company, is what makes employees want to be great. It creates a strong sense of loyalty and breeds a “work harder” mentality. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.”

~Alex Spencer, CHST, Under Bridge and Utility Equipment Rental Regional Manager, South Carolina office

Being a Unique Company Lies in Actions, Not Words

It’s been said that every business is simply a reflection of the owner. And, to very large extent, that is true. Which is why it is not surprising to learn that when one of Daniel McClain’s employees suffered a prolonged health-related period that prevented the employee from performing his job, Dan didn’t simply let him go.

Instead, we know that Dan created a new position for that employee and demonstrated the simple but profound truth that taking care of employees is an “investment” that brings a multitude of returns. 

Which is all part of what makes McClain and Company so unique.

At McClain and Company, we not only believe in providing the best in customer service, but we also believe in offering our customers the very best in rental equipment. And that means highest quality equipment, which is why we are proud to offer a range of under bridge access equipment.

We also believe that your success is our success, which is why our primary goal is to do all we can to help you complete your project successfully.

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