McClain and Co., Inc Under Bridge Inspection Equipment Options

At McClain and Company, providing top-of-the-line bridge access equipment and under bridge inspection units is our specialty.

Our selection of under bridge bucket and platform equipment is made up of a wide variety of vehicles from bucket trucks, vans, and aerial work platforms to heavy-duty truck-mounted units with under bridge access of over 70 feet.

For convenience, versatility, and enhanced safety, our under bridge access, hi-rail, or aerial work platform equipment is the right choice for your next project.

McClain and Company offers fully operated equipment rentals of our under bridge bucket and platform vehicles. This includes a topside operator/driver as well as an under bridge McClain operator to pull levers/navigate the rental unit bucket or platform under the bridge.

For experienced engineers and contractors who prefer to navigate under bridges themselves, we offer rental options based on the level of experience and the company’s insurance coverage.

Under Bridge Bucket Vehicles

McClain and Company offers several under bridge access bucket vehicles (Snoopers) that can provide safe, stable, and highly versatile work platforms for bridge inspection teams. The buckets used provide capacity for a 2-man combined 600 pound team when using a split bucket or a 3-man bucket. Our A75s can carry up to 700 pounds in their 3-person bucket. Our platforms have a much wider capacity range from 600 pounds for our smaller platforms to 2200 pounds for our largest platforms. 

Our truck-mounted under bridge access bucket unit rentals range from an agile 30 foot unit to a massive unit that can provide horizontal access underneath bridge decks of up to 75 feet. These bucket units are particularly useful for accessing complex bridge structures that may not be accessible to larger and longer work platforms.

  • 30′ Under Bridge Inspection Unit
  • 32′ Under Bridge Inspection Unit
  • 40′ Under Bridge Bucket Snooper
  • 40′ Under Bridge Inspection Unit
  • 60′ Under Bridge Inspection Unit
  • 60′ Under Bridge Bucket Snooper
  • 62′ Under Bridge Inspection Unit
  • 64′ Under Bridge Inspection Unit
  • 75′ Under Bridge Inspection Unit

Under Bridge Platform Vehicles

Our wide selection of truck and trailer-mounted under bridge platform equipment can provide access for smaller structures with a horizontal under bridge reach of just over 24 feet, to massive vehicles and equipment giving under bridge access of more than 68 feet.

These types of equipment feature work platforms of various sizes to accommodate inspection teams. However, they are especially useful for bridge maintenance, repairs, and cleaning projects, with some platforms providing a capacity of over 2,000 pounds. 

  • 24.1’ Truck-Mounted Under Bridge Inspection Unit 
  • 24.1’ Trailer-Mounted Under Bridge Inspection Unit 
  • 29.7′ Trailer-Mounted Under Bridge Inspection Unit
  • 29.7′ Truck-Mounted Under Bridge Inspection Unit 
  • 35’ Trailer-Mounted Under Bridge Platform Unit
  • 66′ Truck-Mounted Under Bridge Inspection Unit
  • 68’10” Trailer-Mounted Under Bridge Inspection Unit

Hi-Rail Under Bridge Inspection Trucks

Railway bridges require inspections, maintenance, cleaning, and repairs, as well. Accessing the under bridge areas of a railway bridge, however, requires a specialized vehicle. Our Hi-Rail under bridge access equipment rentals are perfect for any Hi-Rail project.

  • 30′ Hi-Rail Under Bridge Inspection Truck
    • Vertical Reach Up: 30’3″
    • Horizontal Reach: 30’11”
    • Vertical Reach Downward: 40′
    • Bucket Capacity: 2-man combined 600 lbs.
  • 32′ Hi-Rail Under Bridge Inspection Truck
    • Vertical Reach Up: 33′ 10″
    • Horizontal Reach: 31′ 6″
    • Vertical Reach Downward: 33′
    • Bucket Capacity: 3-man combined 600 lbs.max load

Bucket Trucks and Bucket Vans

Bucket trucks and vans are typically used for a variety of tasks including street and building lighting repair and installation, electrical work, sign maintenance, and other jobs requiring secure overhead access.

In many areas where highway bridges are less than 20 or 30 feet above a roadway, our units can also be employed to provide under bridge access for inspections and so forth. 

  • 35′ – 40′ Bucket Truck Rental Units
    • Work Height: 40′-45′
    • Bucket Capacity: 350 lbs. 
    • 1-Person Max
  • 55′ Bucket Truck Rental Unit
    • Work Height: 60′
    • Bucket Capacity: Up to 700 lbs.
  • 29′ Bucket Van Rental Unit
    • Work Height: 34′
    • Bucket Capacity: 350 lbs.
    • 1-Person Max

Aerial Work Platforms

Similar to bucket trucks or vans, these vehicles feature work platforms that can accommodate workers as well as tools and materials. They can be put into use for bridge inspections on smaller structures in the same way that bucket trucks can, but also for more involved maintenance and repair projects.

Other distinguishing features of our aerial work platform rental units are the standard outriggers to provide additional stability and safety, and the telescoping booms that are not articulated like most of our other under bridge inspection units.

  • 50’ Sign Truck/Aerial Work Platform Rental Unit
    • Work Height: 56′
    • Platform Capacity: 900 lbs.
  • 70’ Sign Truck/Aerial Work Platform Rental Unit
    • Work Height: 75′
    • Basket Capacity: 900 lbs.

McClain and Company: The Best for Under Bridge Inspection Unit Rentals

Owner Daniel McClain and the team at McClain and Company believe in providing the very best in customer service. For us, this also means offering our customers the very best in underbridge inspection equipment rentals.

We truly believe that your success is our success, which is why our goal is to do everything we can to help you select the best under bridge inspection unit rental for your project.

Do you already know which unit you’d like to rent?

You can request a quote today and schedule your rental with us. In addition, McClain and Company also provides Traffic Control Service and Device rentals in select states.

If you have questions about our world-class underbridge inspection unit rental services or want to learn more about under bridge platforms and under bridge inspection unit rentals, you can contact McClain & Co., Inc., by calling us at 1.888.889.1284 or emailing us at [email protected].