While commonly recognized as an underbridge inspection and maintenance vehicle, not every such truck can be called a SNOOPER®.

This term has been colloquially used for nearly half a century to describe articulated boom lift trucks, yet “SNOOPER®” is a protected trademark specifically denoting the renowned series of vehicles produced by Paxton-Mitchell Co., LLC. As highlighted on their official website, Paxton-Mitchell is the sole creator and manufacturer of the original SNOOPER® Truck, which holds the distinction of being the most extensively utilized truck for underbridge inspection and maintenance globally.

Driven by Need: The Genesis of the SNOOPER® Truck for Bridge Inspections

Paxton-Mitchell Co., LLC, earned its esteemed status by creating the inaugural “underbridge inspection bucket truck” in 1964, setting a global standard. For professionals involved in bridge inspections, maintenance, or repairs, the snooper truck is likely a familiar sight.

Observing these trucks at work makes it clear why they’re aptly termed “Snooper.” The truck’s innovative articulated booms extend a bucket over the bridge’s edge and beneath it, enabling inspectors to thoroughly examine the structure, hence the moniker SNOOPER® Truck.

The company’s motto encapsulates this: “A bridge isn’t inspected until the SNOOPER® sees it!”

Paxton-Mitchell Co. remains at the forefront, continually producing the original SNOOPER® truck for bridge inspections, now boasting an array of six modern models.

Global Reach of SNOOPER® Trucks: The Preferred Bridge Inspection Vehicles

Despite the emergence of various manufacturers over the years, the SNOOPER® remains the premier underbridge inspection and maintenance truck globally. Its widespread adoption by state highway departments, local governments, and private entities throughout the United States, as well as its international presence, underscores its dominance in the field.

The SNOOPER® truck’s prevalence has led to its name becoming synonymous with underbridge inspection vehicles, often used generically to describe any articulated boom bucket lift truck. This is evidenced in educational materials, such as engineering textbooks, where “snooper truck” is used to describe vehicles enabling access to the undersides of bridges for inspection by transportation departments.

The term has even been adopted in official documents, like the Ohio Department of Transportation’s “Snooper Operations Manual,” which refers to all underbridge inspection vehicles as Snooper Trucks, further cementing its status as the industry standard.

Selecting the Right SNOOPER® Truck for Your Bridge Inspection Needs

For those tasked with regular bridge inspections, cleaning, or maintenance of highway and railway bridges, McClain & Co., Inc. offers a solution. We take pride in our fleet of SNOOPER® truck bridge inspection vehicles available for rent, designed to deliver the platform, reach, and flexibility needed for your projects.

Professionals such as engineers, inspectors, and contractors are well aware that the most effective way to access underbridge areas is directly from above, utilizing the bridge deck.

When Smaller is Better

With one of our high-quality SNOOPER® bridge trucks this becomes a relatively simple task.

For example, for smaller and average size bridge structures that are not multi-lane roadways, the Paxton-Mitchell SNOOPER® Series 140-BBC 40-foot Bucket Truck can be just what is needed.

McClain & Co., Inc. - 40ft Underbridge Inspection Unit Bucket Snooper Truck

With dual-side deployment that can clear 6-foot wide obstructions and automatic transmission, this vehicle is designed for versatility and a smaller footprint. This model’s specifications include:

  • Horizontal Underbridge Reach: 40′ (With Added Extension)
  • Max Lowering Depth: 25′
  • Vertical Reach Up: 38′ w/opt overhead
  • Fence Clearance: 8′
  • Sidewalk Clearance: 6′
  • Bucket Capacity: 2-man combined 600 lbs.
  • Boom Style: Articulating Telescopic Boom 2 & 3
  • Outriggers: Yes

When Bigger is Good

In addition to the 40-foot bucket truck, the team at McClain & Co., Inc. offers the larger, 64-foot Paxton-Mitchell SNOOPER® Truck PM 264.

The SNOOPER® PM 264 features four extendable booms. The initial boom extends to at least 18′ 6″, matching the extension of the second boom. The third boom can adjust its length hydraulically from 25‘ to 41‘. The final boom, known as the basket boom, can extend from 6 5″ to ‘9‘.

Specifications for the 64-foot Paxton-Mitchell SNOOPER® Truck PM 264 include:

  • Horizontal Underbridge Reach: 64′
  • Max Lowering Depth: 65′
  • Vertical Reach Up: 56′
  • Fence Clearance: 12′
  • Sidewalk Clearance: 14′
  • Bucket Capacity: 2-man combined 600 lbs.
  • Boom Style: 4 articulating (Booms 3 & 4 Telescopic)
  • Outriggers: No

McClain & Co., Inc.: Premier Provider of SNOOPER® Truck Rentals for Underbridge Projects

McClain & Co., Inc. is committed to excellence in customer service and the quality of our rental equipment. We take pride in offering an array of authentic SNOOPER® trucks to meet your project needs.

We believe in a partnership approach, where your project’s success is a reflection of our service. Our main objective is to provide the support necessary for the successful completion of your project.

For inquiries about our top-tier inspection equipment rental services or to discover more about Underbridge SNOOPER® Truck rentals available in your region, please contact McClain & Co., Inc. You can reach us at 1-888-889-1284 or send an email to [email protected] for further information.