It’s been previously highlighted that a staggering one-third of the United States’ 618,000+ bridges demand immediate structural repairs, rehabilitation, or complete replacement. During these crucial infrastructure upgrades, halting or diverting traffic isn’t always a viable option. Most projects necessitate robust traffic control measures and ongoing traffic management.

This underscores the indispensable demand for specialized traffic control equipment services to ensure safety and efficiency.

McClain Company for Traffic Control Equipment Services and Traffic Control Equipment Rental

While McClain & Co., Inc. is renowned for its bridge inspection equipment services, our construction division has been actively engaged in the bridge and highway construction industry for over a decade. We understand the complexities of construction work in this domain, emphasizing timeliness and effective communication.

Our primary objective at McClain & Co., Inc. is to ensure the successful completion of your company’s projects. To achieve this, we maintain a team of highly skilled and certified professionals with diverse expertise. Whether your project involves rehabilitating existing structures, managing underbridge utilities, or implementing road signage and highway lighting, rest assured that we have both the knowledge and cutting-edge equipment to meet your needs.

When it comes to traffic control equipment, rental services for construction companies offer a cost-effective and far more efficient option to buying your own equipment. Some of the real benefits include:

  • Ready access to a variety of traffic control and MOT equipment
  • No need to provide additional storage space for owned equipment
  • The use of the best high-quality equipment
  • Cost savings through delivery of equipment versus transporting

TMA Truck Rental and TMA Rental Equipment – Traffic Control Safety Services

Truck Mounted Attenuators (TMAs), also known as safety trucks, crash trucks, or impact attenuator trucks, play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of drivers, workers, and pedestrians during road construction. These specialized vehicles allow for the secure transport of equipment between work zones, minimizing risks.

In typical traffic control operations, the TMA vehicle should be the first point of encounter for motorists. At McClain & Company, we take pride in offering the Scorpion® TMA Model C (TL-3) – a versatile Truck-Mounted Attenuator available for both stand-alone rentals and with a McClain operator.

The Scorpion TMA Model C features a convenient folding mechanism that allows it to be positioned over the bed of dump trucks, flatbeds, or stake bed trucks. Its efficient and compact design, along with balanced weight distribution, makes it ideal for high-speed travel. Additionally, the Scorpion TMA is available with side mounts.

Explore our range of TMAs, including the SS180™ – TMA and the SS90™ HD-TMA, designed to enhance safety on the roads. Trust McClain & Company for reliable traffic control solutions.

Maintaining Traffic Control with McClain and Company Traffic Control Equipment Rental

There are a wide variety of traffic control safety services equipment available for maintaining traffic flow and control through and around bridge and road construction sites.

These include Temporary Traffic Control (TTC) planning for:

  • Temporary Shoulder Closure
  • Temporary Single Lane Closure
  • Temporary Lane Shift

Our Traffic Control Equipment Rental services include:

  • Towable Arrow Boards
  • 4TN4000 – Towable Light Tower
  • Towable Message Signs and Traffic Control Signs

For the purposes of establishing traffic flow, we have various TTC Channelizing Devices:

  • Type I, II and III Barricades
  • Lifeguard Channelizer Drums
  • Hi-Visibility Fluorescent Traffic Cones (6″, 12″, 18″, 36″, and 42″ sizes)

In addition to services and equipment focused on safety and traffic control, the McClain and Company Construction division offers specialized services to aid and assist with your bridge and highway projects.

McClain & Co., Inc. has the experience and flexibility to ensure that all Preventive Bridge Maintenance projects are completed in a timely manner even with the most aggressive of scheduling timelines. McClain & Co., Inc. maintains one of the largest fleets of Underbridge Access Equipment in the industry, as well as an extensive group of Utility and Aerial Truck Rental Equipment. This fleet is available to our Construction Division as needs arise, even if those needs happen to rise unexpectedly.

For example, we can provide Bridge Rehabilitation projects that can include but not limited to:

  • Bridge deck repairs and overlays
  • Concrete substructure and superstructure repairs
  • Steel structure repairs and rehabilitation

McClain & Co., Inc. also offers Preventive Bridge Maintenance projects that include:

  • Bridge Washing and/or Cleaning
  • Deck Joint Sealing
  • Facilitating Drainage
  • Concrete Sealing
  • Channel Debris Removal

In addition, because we understand that well-maintained signs are essential to assist drivers in making the right decisions, we also know that highway signage must be clean, legible, and in excellent condition in order to be used correctly by drivers.

To that end, McClain Construction also provides highway signage installation services.

McClain and Company for the Best in Traffic Control Equipment Services

At McClain, we understand that bridge and highway construction projects necessitate a range of MOT and traffic control equipment. Our mission is to be your premier provider for all traffic control equipment service needs. From supplying cones for temporary traffic maintenance to providing access equipment for highway signage and light pole installations, our inventory is equipped to handle it all.

Under the leadership of Daniel McClain, we uphold the conviction that exceptional customer service is paramount. We believe that our business operations should be customer-centric, ensuring that we cater to your needs effectively.

We are driven by the philosophy that our clients’ success is synonymous with our own. Our dedication is to facilitate the seamless completion of your projects.

For inquiries about our top-tier bridge, highway, and MOT construction services, or to gain insights into our rental process in the Culpeper, Virginia region, please reach out to McClain & Co., Inc. Contact us at 1-888-889-1284 or send an email to [email protected], and we’ll be happy to assist you.