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If your job involves routine inspection, maintenance, repairs, and cleaning of highway bridges or railroad bridges, reliable equipment rental is critical to your success. At McClain & Co., Inc. we understand the risks involved with your line of work and we make safety and reliability a priority in all that we do for our customers.

Since 1998 our mission has been to provide quality support services to engineering companies and government agencies for the inspection and maintenance of highway and railroad bridges.

Along with providing specialized under bridge access equipment and Hi-Rail vehicles, McClain and Company offers a full line of quality construction equipment rentals along with various types of traffic control and safety equipment.

Our Services

Underbridge, Hi-Rail, Aerial Work Platforms

From 24' up to 70'

Traffic Safety Service & Rentals

Flaggers, Single & Multi Lane Closures, TMA Rentals... and More!

Providing Services For More Than Two Decades

McClain & Co., Inc. was established in 1998 to provide support services to engineering companies and government agencies for the inspection and maintenance of bridges. The company has grown to become one of the largest underbridge access equipment suppliers in North America.

Certified & Licensed Underbridge Inspection Unit Operators

All McClain & Co., Inc. Underbridge Inspection Unit drivers/operators have been certified and licensed in compliance with the new ANSI A92 Suite of Standards. Each UBIU operator carries a certification card with him or her at all times.

Excellence in Customer Service

Thanks to the variety of services that we offer, we have many professionals who interact daily with our clients to ensure the highest level of output for all of our jobs. Rarely do questions and considerations go unanswered. In turn, jobs are completed effectively and efficiently.

“Customer Service is our #1 Priority”

The McClain & Company Advantage

We understand that, when it comes to under bridge inspection units and other specialized equipment rentals, you have choices. We also understand that your number one priority is to complete your project safely and successfully. Which is why choosing McClain and Co. for your equipment rental needs brings you the McClain and Company advantage:

  • Superior Equipment Rentals: We only carry the very best selection of bridge access equipment, along with utility and aerial work platform vehicles, Hi-Rail bucket trucks and under bridge inspection trucks. In addition, we offer top-of-the-line traffic control and safety equipment, as well as our high-quality bridge and highway construction services.
  • Professionalism and Experience: Owner Daniel McClain and his team provide integrity, knowledge, and expertise, as well as decades of experience. All of our employees are part of ongoing programs of training and education, as well as required certifications. And over twenty years of company growth and expansion have added to our collective pool of experience.
  • World-Class Service Excellence: At McClain & Company, we understand that simply offering the best in under bridge access and construction equipment solutions isn’t enough. A culture of service excellence and exceptional customer service is also needed to ensure that you receive the best in the industry when it comes to specialized under bridge and construction equipment.

Track-Buckets & Track-Diggers


Bucket Trucks, Truck-Mounted Digger Derricks... and More!


 Completed Projects

McClain & Co., Inc. ensures successfully completed projects. We have the expertise and equipment to meet your needs.

McClain & Company Service Offerings

Under Bridge Equipment Rentals

Regardless of the size of your job, we have the under bridge equipment suited to your needs. McClain & Co., Inc. rents specialized under bridge equipment that gives inspectors and others the safe access they need to all parts of any bridge in North America. Our primary mission for over twenty years has been to provide our clients with the highest quality specialized under bridge equipment rentals in the industry so they can complete their jobs safely.


Hi-Rail Rentals

McClain & Co., Inc. is also one of the nation’s top suppliers of specialized access equipment for railroad bridge and rail infrastructure. Our Hi-Rail Under Bridge Inspection Trucks (UBITs) and Hi-Rail Bucket Trucks provide overhead and underneath railroad bridge access to allow for the ongoing inspections, maintenance, and repairs of our nation’s rail freight and transit systems. Our variety of rental equipment options help our customers perform their work safely and efficiently.


Utility and Aerial Rentals

A more recent addition to the family of McClain’s workforce services is the Utility and Aerial Equipment Rental Division. These vehicles and other specialized equipment help our customers perform their work both cost-effectively and safely. McClain and Company offers a wide variety of specialized utility equipment from bucket trucks and aerial work platforms to digger derricks and backyard diggers. In addition, we supply track-mounted buckets and diggers as well as cable, combo, flatbed, and pole trailers.


Traffic Control Services and Rentals

If your project involves bridge or highway traffic management, you can rely on McClain’s more than 20 years of experience managing traffic across the United States. Our depth of expertise in traffic management is a result of a wide variety of work zone operations including multi-lane closures, rolling lane closures, and closures in high volume traffic areas. When it comes to traffic control services, our goal is to help keep your workers safe while maintaining safe roadways and providing a work zone that is compliant with Federal and State guidelines.


Bridge and Highway Construction Services

Our reputation for timeliness and reliable communication means that McClain & Co. can ensure successfully completed projects. In addition, we have an expert staff of highly skilled and certified personnel with a broad range of experience. When you need construction equipment rentals such as lifting equipment used in construction, McClain has you covered. Whether your project is rehabilitation of existing structures, working with road signage and highway lighting, or under bridge utilities, we have the expertise and the construction equipment solutions you need


McClain & Company for Your Next Nationwide Rental

We not only believe in providing the best in customer service, but we also believe in offering our customers the very best in rental equipment. And that means highest quality equipment, which is why we are proud of our top-of-the-line range of under bridge access equipment.

We also believe that your project success is our success. And this is why our primary goal here at McClain is to do all we can to help you complete your project successfully.

If you have questions about our world-class inspection equipment rental services, or just want to learn more about the under bridge and aerial access equipment rentals offered in your area, you can contact McClain & Co., Inc., by calling us at 1-888-889-1284, or emailing us at [email protected].