– Established in 1998-

We provide support services to engineering companies and government agencies for the inspection and maintenance of bridges.

The company has grown to become one of the largest underbridge access equipment suppliers in North America. Over the years McClain & Co., Inc. has evolved into a diverse organization with many divisions. These include:

Specialized Underbridge Equipment Rentals – McClain & Co., Inc. rents specialized equipment that allows inspectors to safely access all parts of any bridge in North America. Our goal is to provide our clients with the highest quality underbridge equipment in the industry in order to complete a job safely.

Hi-Rail Rentals – McClain & Co., Inc. is a national supplier of specialized access equipment for highway and rail infrastructure. Our Hi Rail UBIT’s and Hi Rail Bucket Trucks provide over-and-under access to facilitate inspection, maintenance and repair of our nation’s freight and transit systems. We offer a variety of rental equipment to help our customers perform their work safely and efficiently.

Utility and Aerial Rentals – The newest division added to McClain’s work force is the Utility Rental Division. To help our customers perform their work efficiently and safely, we offer a variety of Utility equipment from Diggers and Cranes to Material Handlers, Pole Trailers and other equipment that is utilized in the industry.

Traffic Control Services & Rentals – McClain has over 20 years of experience managing traffic across the United States. Our experience in traffic management has led to a wide variety of work zone operations including multi-lane closures, rolling lane closures, and closures in high volume traffic areas. Our goals include keeping your employees safe, maintaining safe roadways, and providing a work zone that is compliant with Federal and State guidelines.

Construction Services – With a focus on timeliness and communication, McClain & Co. ensures successfully completed projects. We maintain a staff of highly skilled and certified personnel with a broad range of experience. Whether your project is rehabilitation of existing structures, underbridge utilities, or road signage and highway lighting, we have the expertise and equipment to meet your needs.

Thanks to the variety of services that we offer, we have many professionals who interact daily to ensure the highest level of output for all of our jobs. Rarely do questions and considerations go unanswered. In turn, jobs are completed effectively and efficiently. McClain & Co., Inc. relentlessly looks to the future and evolves as the industry progresses. By offering new services and products to our clients, we strive to purposefully and pointedly move forward into the future.

“Customer Service is our #1 Priority”