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Whether that’s Under Bridge Access vehicles, Hi-Rail equipment, Utility and Aerial Lift trucks, or  Traffic Control and Construction equipment rentals, McClain and Company has you covered.


Under bridge access equipment rentals has been the foundation of McClain and Company since our founding. We are proud to offer a wide range of bridge access vehicles to meet any need for bridge inspection and maintenance work.

McClain carries a range of under bridge trailer-mounted platforms that offer horizontal under bridge reach of 24.1 feet, 35 feet, and even up to just under 69 feet. These trailer-mounted under bridge units are towable equipment that can be used to place workers safely into otherwise unreachable areas.

Trailer-mounted and self-erecting, these under bridge access rentals do not require a truck for a base platform.

In addition to the trailer-mounted platforms, we also offer an extensive fleet of truck-mounted under bridge inspection vehicles. Most of these units feature two or three man buckets, while a few use work platforms that are just over 23 feet in length to almost 30 feet long. While a few of these vehicles have outriggers, most of our truck-mounted rental units do not require outriggers.

Unlike standard bucket trucks and other “vertical” aerial access equipment, these under bridge access units are designed specifically to place a work bucket or platform across barriers or fences on a bridge deck, down to a level below the bridge deck, and then out and underneath the bridge structure.

Because bridges are constructed in a wide range of widths, heights, and styles, under bridge inspection equipment needs to be available in a variety of reach capabilities to accommodate access requirements. This is why we carry such a diverse range of equipment.

For those larger structures, you can choose units with a horizontal under bridge reach of between 60 to 75 feet. Smaller bridge structures can usually be accessed sufficiently with one of our units that offer horizontal under bridge reach of just over 24 feet up to as much as 40 feet.

McClain and Company are also proud to offer rentals of the world-renowned Paxton-Mitchell SNOOPER™ line of bridge inspection trucks, including a 60-foot unit featuring four booms and a 40-foot vehicle that only takes up 10 feet of space on a bridge deck, which is less than one lane of traffic.


Bucket trucks and bucket vans are the “unsung heroes” and versatile workhorses of many industries, including highway bridge maintenance and inspections.

We work hard, as well, to provide our customers with a variety of bucket truck rentals ranging from nimble vans that can provide up to a 34-foot working height to our 35’ to 40’ bucket truck rentals to a massive bucket truck material handler that offers a 60-foot reach.


In the world of bucket trucks and aerial lifts, certain vehicles are especially designed for carrying out specific tasks. When your project requires the placement of signage and lighting work, a quality sign truck is guaranteed to fit the need.

At McClain, we offer both a 75-foot work height rig, as well as a 55-foot working height vehicle, both offer hoisting work platforms with a 900 pound capacity.


Inspection and maintenance of railroad bridges require a specific type of vehicle to traverse the rails while providing access to the several types of railroad bridge structures. McClain and Company offers a range of Hi-Rail Bucket Trucks providing overhead working heights of 46 feet, 48 feet, and even up to 66 feet. Each of these vehicles feature 2-man buckets and make use of outriggers to provide sufficient stability.

In addition, we offer two Hi-Rail UBITs – Under Bridge Inspection Trucks – for providing access for underneath railway bridges. Our 32-foot UBIT can lower a bucket up to 33 feet downward and reach over 31 feet under the bridge deck. The 30-foot unit can place a bucket up to 40 feet down while placing it up almost 31 feet underneath.


Highway and bridge construction projects require traffic control. The team at McClain and Company fills that need with a wide range of equipment rentals including Truck-Mounted Attenuators, TTC, or Temporary Traffic Control, devices, Trailered Devices and Towable Equipment, along with a variety of Temporary Traffic Control Cones and Channelizing Devices.

Our truck-mounted attenuator rentals offer impact protection from errant vehicles and absorb rear-end impacts. With three distinct types to choose from, having a suitable attenuator onsite is not a problem.

For temporary traffic control, or TTC, planning, McClain has equipment available for temporary single lane closures, temporary shoulder closures, as well as temporary lane shift services. In addition, you can rent three different types of traffic barricades, channelizer drums, and hi-visibility fluorescent cones in five different heights.

For increased visibility and traffic control, we rent towable, lighted arrow boards and message signs. And our towable light tower reaches almost 30-feet high and provides1200 watt LED and 4000 watt metal-halide lighting options.


Every kid with toy trucks knows that construction often requires the removal and transporting of substantial amounts of earth, gravel, and other materials. At McClain and Company, we are proud to offer our own “earth mover” with the Komatsu WA380 Wheel Loader.

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