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McClain & Co., Inc. is committed to conducting business in an efficient and ethical manner by focusing on three core values. 

  • Integrity-We are committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct and integrity in everything we do. We train our staff to be knowledgeable of applicable laws and regulations, contract requirements, and company policies and procedures, and provide a means to ask questions when in doubt. We do not lie, cheat or steal, nor do we tolerate those who do. We are honest and transparent in all that we do. As a company and as individuals, we take responsibility for our actions. We strive to be good citizens by doing the right thing at all times, especially when no one is looking. 
  • Respect-We appreciate our diversity and believe that respect for our colleagues, customers, vendors, and all those with whom we interact, is an essential element of our culture. We do not tolerate any act of discrimination or intolerance of any kind. Our success depends on not only maintaining exemplary client relationships, but honorable relationships among co-workers, vendors and our community. 
  • Service Excellence -McClain and Co., Inc. is known as an industry leader in the field of under bridge access equipment. By clearly communicating goals, objectives and expectations we are building the culture to hold ourselves accountable for results not only as employees, but a company as a whole. We train, support and encourage our employees to assist all in achieving their highest potential. We feel that consistent and relevant training along with an open line of communication will to allow us to continue and further enhance the responsive, value-added service for which we are recognized, in all divisions of the company.