City of Roanoke, Public Works

McClain’s Project Mgr.:
Caitlin Whitehouse (Crossman)

Crew Members:
Darren Huff, Jose Diaz, John Wayne Holt, John Furtick, Edgar Perez, Thomas Warren, Clayton Tyler, Mario Rojas, Kareem Williams & Jimmy Howells.

Amtrak & Roanoke Airport Signs – VA Construction

Aerial Work Platform:
Elliott S50 & Elliott 30 Ton crane

Roanoke, VA

Photo credits to Darren Huff.

Two crews from Culpeper traveled to Roanoke, VA on Sunday, April 19th. They overlaid two overhead Amtrak Signs on Orange Ave., removed two bridge mount signs and installed two ground-mounted signs on Valley View Blvd and finished off by installing a new overhead sign for the Roanoke Airport exit on Aviation drive.

The project was estimated to take five nights, but our crews completed it in two.

Hans Musil, the City’s Project Manager, said the crews were professional, knowledgeable and he couldn’t wait to work with McClain again in the future!

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