The importance of bridge inspections cannot be overstated, as they are crucial for ensuring the safety and structural soundness of the bridges that form a key part of our national highway and railway infrastructure. This underscores the necessity for reliable bridge inspection equipment rentals.

Moreover, bridges that are structurally deficient present serious risks not only to public safety but also to the seamless movement of people and goods.

An ARTBA report highlights a concerning statistic: out of 618,000 bridges in the United States, over 220,000 require structural repairs, rehabilitation, or outright replacement. To visualize this, if these bridges were laid out in a line, they would cover a distance of over 6,000 miles, which is equivalent to the journey from Atlanta to Los Angeles, extending all the way to Deadhorse, Alaska, the northernmost point accessible by the state’s road system.

At McClain & Co., Inc., we take pride in contributing to the critical task of bridge inspection, offering top-tier Under Bridge Inspection Equipment rental services, and playing a pivotal role in this vital process.

Underbridge Inspection Equipment Rental McClain and Co

Exploring the Inspection Equipment Rental Offerings of McClain & Co., Inc.

While McClain & Co., Inc. may be renowned for our Under Bridge Inspection Equipment sales and rentals, our inventory encompasses a diverse array of rental equipment.

Our rental fleet includes, but is not limited to:

  • Rentals for Underbridge Access
  • Rentals for Bucket Trucks and Aerial Access Equipment
  • Rentals for Sign Trucks
  • Rentals for Hi-Rail Equipment
  • Rentals for Traffic Control
  • Rentals for Construction Projects

Whether you’re tackling a minor task or a major project, rest assured that McClain and Company provides the necessary equipment to ensure your project’s success. Based in the picturesque town of Culpeper, Virginia, McClain & Co., Inc. extends its services through regional offices located in Connecticut, Florida, New Jersey, and South Carolina.

Regardless of your location or project site, McClain and Company is your dependable partner for bridge inspection unit rental services.

Key Selections for Renting Under Bridge Inspection Units

McClain & Co., Inc. not only provides fully operated rentals for Under Bridge Inspection Vehicles but also caters to those seasoned engineers and contractors who prefer a hands-on approach to navigating under bridges.

To meet the diverse needs of our clientele, McClain & Co., Inc. presents several rental options for Under Bridge Inspection Equipment, tailored to the customer’s expertise and their firm’s insurance provisions.

Our first option offers the assistance of an additional McClain & Co., Inc. operator, responsible for maneuvering the levers and guiding the rental unit for underbridge access. This service ensures that clients receive comprehensive under bridge access support from McClain & Co., Inc., allowing them to concentrate on the inspection tasks at hand.

This particular option also alleviates the need for clients to obtain ‘special coverage’ on their Certificate of Insurance (COI) for McClain & Co., Inc.

The second option involves providing a McClain certified CDL/DOT Driver/Topside Operator, paired with the client’s own qualified Basket/Platform Operator for the Under Bridge Inspection Unit.

It’s important to note that this option necessitates a COI from the client’s company, which must include ‘Contractor’s Equipment Floater’ coverage corresponding to the replacement cost of the rented bridge inspection unit. The COI should clearly state the amount of Equipment Floater coverage as well as the deductible.

Comprehensive Range of Aerial and Under Bridge Inspection Equipment Rentals

Although the industry may sometimes appear to use various terms interchangeably for similar equipment, there are subtle differences.

For instance, bucket vans, bucket trucks, and some types of boom lifts are usually classified as ‘Autos’ for insurance purposes. Conversely, specialized equipment like the Paxton-Mitchell Company SNOOPER™ Truck, along with other Under Bridge Inspection Units (UBITs), are typically categorized as ‘Equipment’ in insurance terms.

The phrase ‘aerial access equipment’ is often used synonymously with terms like aerial work platforms and bucket lifts.

A common feature among these different types of equipment is their primary function: providing overhead access. This is essential for tasks such as bridge inspections or repairs, where access is needed either beneath the bridge or on the bridge deck to reach overhead structural elements.

Similarly, when discussing Under Bridge Inspection Equipment and Vehicles, despite insurance classifications, the rental options include both truck-mounted and trailer-mounted units. Their main function is to facilitate access to the underside of bridge decks for workers.

McClain & Co., Inc is Your Resource for Inspection Equipment Rental Policies

At McClain and Company, we believe that not only is customer service our utmost priority, but that everything we do involves service to our customers. Your success is our success, which is why our primary goal is to help you successfully complete your project. If you have questions about our world-class inspection equipment rental services, or just want to learn more about Under Bridge Inspection Equipment sales and rentals in the Culpeper, Virginia area, you can reach out to McClain & Co., Inc., by calling us at 1-888-889-1284, or email us at [email protected].