The Official Statement from Daniel McClain, Owner of McClain & Co.

Culpeper, VA: McClain & Co., Inc. seeks to share their emphasis on safety while also addressing allegations about past unsafe equipment conditions. McClain & Co., Inc. categorically denies all claims that their unsafe equipment led to a tragedy in 2015. In business since 1998, McClain & Co., is a government contractor operating largely within the […]

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McClain & Co.’s Response to the Recent Inaccurate Articles

Recently, several articles came out with allegations that McClain & Co. had faulty safety standards that led to a tragic accident back in 2015. We want to assure our employees, our partners, and our customers, that this is not the case. Some of the information in these articles are inaccurate and do not clearly represent […]

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McClain and Company Giving Back to the Community

Bridging the Community – Together As One

Employee engagement levels are declining across the globe, and companies are becoming increasingly concerned about uncertainties that come with lack of motivation in their workforce. However, one proven solution for improving employee engagement is through community outreach programs. Why community outreach? According to one recent employee engagement research study, it was revealed that up to […]

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Bridge and Aerial Access Equipment, Construction Services, and Traffic Safety

At McClain & Co., Inc. Quality Matters And We Make Quality A Priority

This Blog Was Updated In November of 2022 “Work implies not only that somebody is supposed to do the job, but also accountability, a deadline and, finally, the measurement of results – that is, feedback from results on the work and on the planning process itself.” – Peter Drucker in Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices Every company talks […]

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Operating McClain & Co., Inc. Equipment: Certifications And Safety Requirements

In any industry where the risk of physical injury is present, safety is a primary consideration.  Safety, however, extends far beyond safe work practices and following required guidelines. In fact, safety in any field should involve much more than minimal adherence to OSHA safety requirements.  Additionally, maintaining and exercising a safe work environment also includes […]

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McClain & Co., Inc. Exemplifies The Spirit Of Employer Loyalty

Employee recognition is one of those business functions that are often talked about, is universally understood and supported, but is rarely executed in real life. In fact, from the perspective of the average employee, recognition and overt support from management is exceedingly rare. This was highlighted in a report from Gallup, “According to Gallup’s analysis, […]

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McClain and Company for Quality Bridge Inspection and Maintenance Equipment Rentals

What Makes McClain So Unique? An Employees POV

Companies, like people, are complex and multi-faceted. And no two are exactly alike. McClain & Co., Inc. known publicly for its long-standing tradition of delivering superb customer service, its high standards when it comes to equipment and safety, and the collective expertise, knowledge, and experience of its employees. But McClain and Company, along with owner […]

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Our Code of Ethics

McClain & Co., Inc. is committed to conducting business in an efficient and ethical manner by focusing on three core values.  Integrity-We are committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct and integrity in everything we do. We train our staff to be knowledgeable of applicable laws and regulations, contract requirements, and company policies and […]

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