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The Benefits Of Working With A Professional Hi-Rail Truck Rental Company

Hi-rail trucks are used for a wide variety of tasks on our nation’s railway systems. For those who may be unfamiliar with the term, “hi-rail” is short for highway-railroad and refers to the travel capability of specialized vehicles known as hi-rail trucks. These types of trucks are commonly used in the railroad industry. Hi-rail trucks […]

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Operating McClain & Co., Inc. Equipment: Certifications And Safety Requirements

In any industry where the risk of physical injury is present, safety is a primary consideration.  Safety, however, extends far beyond safe work practices and following required guidelines. In fact, safety in any field should involve much more than minimal adherence to OSHA safety requirements.  Additionally, maintaining and exercising a safe work environment also includes […]

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3 Reasons to Rent Your Equipment from McClain & Co., Inc.

[This article was originally published in October 2021 and has been expanded and revised as of January 2023.] If your work involves bridge inspections, whether that’s highway bridges or railroad structures, you need the best tools and equipment you can gain access to. No one has to tell you what is at stake in under […]

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