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If your work involves bridge inspections, whether that’s highway bridges or railroad structures, you need the best tools and equipment you can gain access to. No one has to tell you what is at stake in under bridge work, nor the need for reliable and versatile equipment to carry out that work.

All of which is why McClain and Company has always made it our mission to provide our clients and customers with only the highest quality under bridge and aerial platform access equipment.

And there are several good reasons to rent your equipment from McClain and Company such as our extensive geographic availability. Our regional offices allow us to provide services to clients throughout the United States and accommodate your specialized requirements with our cost-effective solutions

In addition, our broad coverage allows for a much faster delivery for those urgent situations.

Are you considering equipment rental for your next project? Here are three other good reasons to recent your equipment from McClain.

McClain and Company for the Very Best in Under Bridge Access Equipment

McClain & Co., Inc. rents specialized equipment that allows inspectors to safely access all parts of any bridge in North America. And at McClain, our emphasis on customer service is only outdone by our emphasis ensuring that our clients have the equipment to complete a job safely.

We offer only the very best in under bridge access equipment such as the 40′ Paxton-Mitchell Bucket Snooper Truck with a 40-foot horizontal reach under bridge decks to an overhead reach of 38 feet. 

In addition, we offer larger units such as the Aspen Aerials A-75 bridge inspection unit. The A-75 is a bridge inspection unit that makes it possible to inspect the widest bridges with an inspection platform capacity of 700 lbs. And the telescoping fourth boom allows bridge inspection professionals to access behind the deepest bridge girders.

In addition to the very best selection of bridge access equipment, we also offer the best utility and aerial work platform vehicles, Hi-Rail bucket trucks and under bridge inspection trucks, as well as traffic control and safety equipment, and even quality bridge and highway construction services

McClain and Company for the Very Best in Professionalism

Safety, training, certifications, and a culture that espouses professionalism puts McClain and Company leagues above other companies in our industry.

Owner Daniel McClain and his team have always given high value to integrity, experience, knowledge, and expertise. And more than twenty years of growth and expansion have only served to underscore the role these qualities play in at McClain.

With a combined pool of decades of years of field experience, the staff at McClain & Co., Inc. continues to improve upon their already world-class expertise and knowledge-base. We place a high priority on training and education, as well as pursuing and maintaining required and other relevant certifications.

In a word, McClain and Company is the epitome of professionalism.

McClain and Company for the Very Best in Customer Service

In an industry where projects involving millions of dollars are often at stake, as well as the lives and well-being of workers, safety must be a number one priority. And, at McClain and Company, this has always been the case. 

However, it has also been an industry where service has not always been given equal footing. And this is another area where McClain stands head and shoulders above the rest.

McClain and Co., Inc. began back in 1998 and today is known as an industry leader in the field of under bridge access equipment. In addition, we have gained a reputation for our outstanding service excellence. 

But this means far more than what typically passes for customer service. 

Owner Daniel McClain and the management team have long established the practice of clearly communicating goals, objectives, and expectations. A primary goal here at McClain is to always be maintaining a culture of accountability for results – not only as individual employees, but as a company.

To this end, we continually train, support, and encourage our employees to work towards achieving their highest potential.

This is because we understand that consistent and relevant training, along with maintaining a culture of open communication, allows us to continually provide and further enhance the world-class responsive and value-added customer service that we have long been recognized for. 

McClain and Co., Inc. For Your Under Bridge and Aerial Access Equipment Rentals

At McClain and Company, we believe in providing the very best in customer service. And that includes offering our customers the very best in under bridge inspection equipment rentals.

Daniel McClain and the team at McClain and Company also believe that your success is our success, which is why our goal is to do everything we can to help you select the best under bridge inspection unit rental for your project.

Do you already know which unit you’d like to rent?

You can request a quote today and schedule your rental with us. In addition to under bridge, Hi-Rail, and aerial work platforms and access equipment, McClain and Company also provides Traffic Control Service and Device rentals, as well as construction services in several states.

If you have questions about our top-of-the-line under bridge inspection unit rental services or want to learn more about under bridge platforms and under bridge inspection unit rentals, you can contact McClain & Co., Inc., by calling us at 1.888.889.1284 or emailing us at