Employee recognition is one of those business functions that are often talked about, is universally understood and supported, but is rarely executed in real life.

In fact, from the perspective of the average employee, recognition and overt support from management is exceedingly rare.

This was highlighted in a report from Gallup,

“According to Gallup’s analysis, only one in three workers in the U.S. strongly agree that they received recognition or praise for doing good work in the past seven days. At any given company, it’s not uncommon for employees to feel that their best efforts are routinely ignored.

As many experts in the employee management field understand, employees are only as loyal to the company as they believe the company is loyal to them.

“So,” you might ask, “Why does this matter to me?” 

Primarily because any company you do business with is only as strong and as reliable as the management and workforce of that company. In other words, great products, services, and pricing alone do not make for a great company.

And, when it comes to under bridge access equipment rental, traffic control services, or highway and bridge construction services, you really only want the best.

Daniel McClain Exemplifies the Values of a Loyal Company

A business may be an incorporated entity with bylaws, directors, and all the accoutrements of a commercial enterprise but, at the end of the day, a business is actually just a group of people serving other people. 

Which simply means that relationship, communication, personal interaction, and all the dynamics of human nature are at work. And one of these dynamics is the role and practice of leadership. 

Daniel McClain has been at the head of McClain & Co., Inc. for more than two decades and his approach to leadership is exemplified by caring and loyalty.

A case in point that illustrates these traits is an instance when a long-time McClain employee suffered a medical condition that did not allow him to continue working. As veteran CDL drivers know, there are many health situations that can prevent them from working or performing their job. And, for many in that situation, the story ends there. No more work, no more job.

Daniel McClain demonstrated the value and care he has for his employees when he created a new position for this employee, instead of letting him go. By being loyal to those who work for his company, this quality is reciprocated throughout the business.

Like other businesses, McClain and Company has weathered economic ups and downs, some more severe than others. But the employees have always been able to rely on the business owner to consistently hold their needs above those of a concern for a short-term “profit margin.” 

The net result of this style and quality of leadership is a company culture of dependability, loyalty, and care. 

And, ultimately, it is demonstrated by McClain’s unparalleled commitment to excellence in customer service.

McClain & Co., Inc. – More Than Under Bridge Access Services

In the hospitality industry the Ritz-Carlton is renowned for its “gold standard” of customer service. Founder Horst Schulze famously said to his employees early on in the start of the Ritz-Carlton hotel, 

“We are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen.”

At McClain and Company, leaders like Daniel McClain have succeeded in imparting, implicitly if not explicitly, the understanding that they are “Professionals serving professionals.”

In an industry where millions, and often tens of millions, of dollars are at stake, as well as the lives and safety of multitudes of workers, anything less than professional is unacceptable. One of the strengths of McClain’s workforce is the company longevity of so many of their employees, not to mention the sheer weight of their collective years of knowledge and experience.

In addition, however, their commitment to service, to reliability and dependability, and to caring about their customers, are all expressions of their deep seated loyalty to their customers. And without these qualities, simply offering top-of-the-line equipment and services is not enough.

This is one of the crowning achievements of the leadership of Daniel McClain and his management team: fostering and building a company whose culture is epitomized by loyalty and caring. 

McClain & Co., Inc. Exemplifies Value, Service, and Care

At McClain and Company, we believe loyalty should not only be extended to our employees, but to our valued customers, as well. Which is why we believe in providing only the best in customer service. And that means offering our customers the very best in rental equipment. 

McClain and Company is proud to offer a wide range of the highest quality under bridge access equipment.

We also believe that your success is our success, which is why our primary goal is to do all we can to help you complete your project successfully.

Learn More About Why McClain & Company Should Be Your Company of Choice

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