McClain & Co., Inc. - 40ft Underbridge Inspection Unit Bucket Snooper Truck

The venerable Snooper™ truck has been around for almost five decades now, the very first model being sold back in 1964. And they have been associated with bridge inspection and repair from the start.

As we noted in an earlier article, the original equipment was designed to “inspect, repair, sandblast, paint” underneath bridge decks. And the well-known Snooper™ under bridge inspection and maintenance trucks have been used to do just that for almost 50 years.

And during that time, the name “snooper” has become an almost generic designation for just about any under bridge inspection truck. In fact, almost any variety of boom lifts, aerial lifts, and bucket lifts are commonly referred to as “snooper trucks.”

But there is really only one genuine Snooper™ truck, and it can help make bridge inspection projects easier.

Snooper™ Trucks and Under Bridge Inspections

What is it about a Snooper™ truck that makes bridge work go smoother and safer? Much of it has to do with the overall design and construction of these top-of-the-line vehicles. Then there is the wide variety of sizes and work platforms available.

Included in the Paxton-Mitchell Snooper™ Truck series are both one, two, or three man buckets as well as adjustable, or telescoping, platforms.

Snooper™ trucks are multi-purpose units that provide the most extensive reach capabilities for use on a wide variety of bridges, trestles, viaducts, and other hard-to-access structures. The Snoopers’ fully hydraulic, easily mobile cranes allow operators to be positioned exactly where they need to be to perform any type of under bridge task.

And with most of our vehicles, once in position, as many as three operators can work.

Capability and versatility alone, however, are not what makes Snooper™ trucks some of the best bridge inspection vehicles available. Their durable, quality construction sets them above much of the rest, and they feature safety check valves on every hydraulic function and deadman controls.

And the hydraulically extendable second booms allow for platforms or baskets to be deployed over tall fences or other bridge deck barriers, as well as under deep girders. This means that workers can be placed right where they need to be to accomplish their work, whether that’s up in the structure or along the bottom of beams.

Complete bridge coverage: that’s what you get when you rent one of Paxton-Mitchell Co., LLC’s world-renowned SNOOPER™ line of bridge inspection trucks.

When You Need the Versatility and Quality of a Genuine Snooper™ Truck

A properly conducted bridge inspection is a complex and often challenging task. And part of what makes any bridge inspection project easier is having and using the proper equipment. While there are few different approaches to accessing the areas under a bridge deck, the use of a Snooper™ truck can make any bridge inspection project easier.

This is because Snooper™ trucks are specialized types of equipment that can make it easier to carry out bridge inspections. Also known generically as an under bridge inspection unit, or UBIT, our Snooper™ trucks are particularly good for this.

A Snooper™ truck rental from McClain and Company will provide you with a highly flexible and articulated unit that makes it easier for your technicians and inspectors to get to hard-to-reach areas of bridges – both below the bridge deck and above.

Regardless of the type of bridge inspection your project requires – such as routine inspections, special inspections, hands-on inspections, or even in-depth inspections – having an under bridge inspection vehicle such as McClain Snooper™ truck rental will ease the process.

For both stability, reliability, safety, and superior ease of access to your designated inspection areas, these vehicles are sure to meet every bridge inspection project need.

There are good reasons for the Paxton-Mitchell Company slogan, “A bridge isn’t inspected until the SNOOPER™ sees it!”

McClain and Company: For Easier Bridge Inspections and Quality Equipment Rental

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In addition to Snooper™ trucks and under bridge inspection equipment rentals, McClain and Company also provides construction services and equipment rental in several states, along with Traffic Control Service and Device rentals, as well as Hi-Rail and aerial work platforms and access equipment.

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