“Work implies not only that somebody is supposed to do the job, but also accountability, a deadline and, finally, the measurement of results – that is, feedback from results on the work and on the planning process itself.” Peter Drucker in Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices

Every company talks about quality, safety, service, and great pricing. In fact, the talk is so much so that it can become simply background noise to customers and clients. And the real test of quality often comes in the field, which can be unfortunate since so much money and people’s safety is on the line.

We understand that at McClain, which is why we have always made quality a priority.

Where Quality Control is Much More than Mere Words

In our industry, quality involves every aspect of what we do for our customers. From the quality of our equipment to the quality of our safety standards and practices to the quality of our customer service.

In other words, it’s never enough to simply say that our rental equipment is top rate.

Everything we do and are as a company must attain a degree of quality that will instill a confidence in our customers and help ensure their success.

And good intentions are never enough.

There’s an old saying in the management world, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” While it is usually attributed to management guru Peter Drucker, it is actually more of a loose paraphrase and now serves as a proverbial maxim.

It does, however, encapsulate what Drucker believed and taught: that you must be able to track and measure processes and systems if you want to effectively manage them and improve them.

So, with that concept very much in mind, Daniel C. McClain, President of McClain & Co., Inc., wrote our Quality Control Plan for Aerial and Under Bridge Equipment Inspections, Repairs and Maintenance.

The objective for the plan is,

“[T]o effectively and efficiently respond to any deficiencies, repairs, enhancements or reasonable comments provided by our clients, operators, and technical maintenance staff as they relate to the aerial and under bridge equipment used in the Company’s normal business operations.”

The Quality Control Plan also provides our company with a guideline for carrying out equipment inspections, repairs and general maintenance procedures for all of our company-operated aerial and under bridge equipment.

Company responses will be provided by employing processes that are able to meet the quality standards expectations, prevent nonconformance with quality standards and timely identify and turn around performance deficiencies.

Quality Control Matters: Walking the Talk at McClain and Company

With McClain’s Quality Control Plan in place since October 2020, we have been carrying out detailed inspections of all our equipment to ensure that, from routine maintenance to equipment repairs, there is a consistent process that is followed through that guarantees all the needed steps are taken to get the equipment repaired and back into operation.

While quality control procedures have always been in place when it came to the repair and maintenance of our aerial and under bridge equipment, the new Quality Control Plan enables us to maintain a much more comprehensive control system, which allows us to have equipment repaired and back to our customers in a safe and timely manner.

McClain has always been dedicated to maintaining and repairing our equipment as quickly and safely as possible. And our top priority continues to be ensuring that any equipment that we send to job sites is safe for our employees and our customers to operate.

McClain’s “Quality Control Plan” was also developed to help us better understand our client’s needs.

A significant component of the plan has our regional managers visiting job sites as often as possible. During these inspection audits our regional managers not only assess what is being done and how, but they take photos and ensure that all operators are complying with safety protocols, wearing their personal protective equipment, or PPE, and that any vehicles being used on the job site are working properly.

This level of “hands-on” quality control inspection work is being done by our various regional managers at the actual job sites. In addition, our Quality Control Plan requires our manager to visit job sites as often as possible.

Achieving and Maintaining Quality Requires a Quality Plan

There is another old management saying: “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”

This particular truth was uttered by no less than Benjamin Franklin and, given his long string of business successes and highly-regarded wisdom, it is a profound truth, as well.

Our Quality Control Plan, aside from its processes and requirements, is essentially a plan to ensure quality success. And this applies to maintenance and repairs of equipment as well as operating them.

From the time a repair work order is created for a piece of equipment, there is a very thorough process followed to make sure all steps are completed in the equipment repair. Our Fleet Manager assigns the work order to the personnel best qualified to work on a particular piece of equipment.

The Fleet Manager then analyzes and assesses the repair in addition to performing quality control evaluations of all mechanics involved with the repair. The Fleet Manager also submits quarterly reports to the Technical Compliance Officer, as well as quarterly evaluation reports to the Vice President.

In addition, key documents are used in the field on job sites to capture and record critical information to be used for regular and ongoing assessment and analysis by management.

These include a Job Site Audit for checking off a series of critical safety and compliance requirements and any subsequent actions or corrections that may be needed. Another form that is used each time is a comprehensive customer satisfaction survey.

You Can Count on McClain & Co., Inc. for Quality Access Equipment Services

At McClain and Company, we offer a wide variety of several different types of truck-mounted and trailer-mounted under bridge inspection equipment.

We not only believe in providing rental equipment of the utmost quality, but that everything we do for our customers reflects the utmost in customer service. Which is why we are proud to offer not only a wide range of top-notch brands of access equipment, but quality construction services and traffic control safety services, as well.

We also believe that your success is our success, which is why our primary goal is to do all we can to help you complete your project successfully.

Our under bridge inspection truck rental units and aerial access equipment rentals are available for inspectors, contractors, and engineers working on bridges and similar structures.

To learn more, just reach out to us at info@mcclain1.com or call us at 1-888-889-1284 today!