McClain and Company Giving Back to the Community

Employee engagement levels are declining across the globe, and companies are becoming increasingly concerned about uncertainties that come with lack of motivation in their workforce. However, one proven solution for improving employee engagement is through community outreach programs.

Why community outreach?

According to one recent employee engagement research study, it was revealed that up to 24 percent of employees say they feel disconnected at work when it comes to social responsibility.

And at McClain and Company, we know from experience the power of engaging in our local communities and the benefits of bridging the community.

A Culture of Community Service is More Than a Program 

Individual employees in organizations across the country have always contributed to and participated in multitudes of charitable events and community service-type programs. It’s in the nature of people to want to give back to their communities and to help those in need.

Here at McClain and Company, giving back is part of our culture. We recognize people’s efforts to be part of the communities they live and work in. In fact, we encourage it. Whenever an employee can bring an event to our attention that gives back to the community, we do our best to share the information so others can also participate.

Real World Bridging of Communities at McClain and Company

McClain’s management team and individual employees have contributed to their respective communities in a variety of ways over the years including assisting with local fundraisers, contributing to local food banks, assisting stranded motorists, and even programs at animal shelters.

In addition, our team in Connecticut donated time, money, and labor to various causes in their community there.

These included the 22nd Annual “Wishes on Wheels” Truck Convoy, the largest truck parade in New England. The Convoy event is an annual fundraiser to benefit Make-A-Wish Connecticut, which has been granting countless wishes to kids when they need it most.

In 2020, McClain and Company donated a bucket truck to help provide higher access into trees to facilitate holiday decorating efforts on behalf of a fundraiser organized by our own employees. The funds raised benefited three different local charities there in Connecticut, including a food pantry and two animal shelters.

Some of the many organizations and causes our employees support:

●      National Lymphedema Network

●      Girls Empowerment through Sports

●      ALS Foundation, Food Insecurity, Suicide Prevention and Clean Cookstoves-Guatemala

●      Homeless and Community Foundation (Richmond, VA)

●      Special Needs Education

●      Kids Sports

●      Safe Programs (Culpeper, VA – Domestic Violence)

McClain and Company Loves Giving Back to Our Communities

The culture of McClain and Co. allows all our employees to bring up their ideas, causes, and opportunities for giving back. If you have any ideas on additional programs that we could become involved in, please contact us here at McClain. You can email us at [email protected] or you can reach us by phone at 1.888.889.1284.