Culpeper, VA: McClain & Co., Inc. seeks to share their emphasis on safety while also addressing allegations about past unsafe equipment conditions. McClain & Co., Inc. categorically denies all claims that their unsafe equipment led to a tragedy in 2015.

In business since 1998, McClain & Co., is a government contractor operating largely within the Federal Highway Program, and is currently in good standing with them. Since its opening, its mission has been to provide quality support services to engineering companies and government agencies for the inspection and maintenance of highway and railroad bridges.

McClain & Co., Inc. has always had a robust safety program and a solid safety record and continues to do so. Back in 2015, one piece of equipment led to the fatality of the operator. Both an internal and external investigation found zero evidence of fault or liability. McClain & Co.’s investigation of the fatal accident included consultation with an outside accident reconstruction expert and extensive consultation with the equipment manufacturer. The outcome of the McClain & Co.’s investigation is “operator error”.

An Assistant U.S. Attorney stated openly during court hearings, “we can’t say for certain what caused the accident”. The only other outcome from the investigation is the company had three (3) misdated inspection reports, a Class B Misdemeanor, to which McClain & Co. pled guilty.

According to owner and founder, Daniel McClain, “We settled with the government because their investigation has been going on for years; we wanted to avoid the expense of further litigation involving matters dating from 2015 and before. The written settlement agreement which the company entered into expressly states that McClain & Co. denies the government’s contentions and the agreement contains no admission of fault or liability.”

Apart from the one tragic fatality, no employee or other user of McClain & Co. equipment has ever been seriously injured while using their equipment. McClain and Co., released a copy of the settlement agreement under the Press section of their website for anyone seeking further information.