Underbridge Inspection Equipment Rental McClain and Co

Bridge inspections are vital to maintaining the continued safety and integrity of our nation’s highway and rail bridges. Which is why quality bridge inspection equipment rental is needed.

As the recently reopened Hernando de Soto Bridge spanning the Mississippi River between Arkansas and Tennessee revealed, needed repairs can be far more costly and have far more lengthy disruptions when they are not discovered early on.

In addition, structurally deficient (SD) bridges pose potential hazards to human life, as well as the uninterrupted flow of traffic and commerce.

According to a recent report from the American Road & Transportation Builders Association’s (ARTBA),

“More than one-third, or 220,000, of the nation’s 618,000 bridges need structural repair, rehabilitation work or replacement, according to the American Road & Transportation Builders Association’s (ARTBA) seventh annual analysis of the latest U.S. DOT’s National Bridge Inventory (NBI) database.

If placed end-to-end, these bridges would stretch over 6,000 miles—long enough to travel from Atlanta to Los Angeles, and continue up to Deadhorse, Alaska, the furthest point north on the state’s highway system.”

The team here at McClain and Company is proud to be an essential part of the ongoing inspection process as one of the nation’s premier Under Bridge Inspection Equipment rental services.

A Look at McClain and Company’s Inspection Equipment Rental Services

Although McClain & Co., Inc. is perhaps best known for our Under Bridge Inspection Equipment sales and rentals, we offer a broad range of rental equipment.

For example, our equipment rental fleet also includes:

For small jobs to large ones, you can be confident that McClain and Company has the equipment you need to successfully complete your project. With headquarters here in beautiful Culpeper, Virginia, McClain & Co., Inc. has regional offices in Connecticut, Florida, New Jersey, and South Carolina.

So, no matter where you’re located, or where your project is situated, McClain and Company has you covered when it comes to bridge inspection unit rental services.

A Few Options to Be Aware of for Under Bridge Inspection Unit Rentals

McClain offers fully operated Under Bridge Inspection Vehicle rentals. However, we also recognize that many experienced engineers and contractors may prefer to operate and navigate under bridges themselves.

With this in mind, McClain and Company offers a few options for Under Bridge Inspection Equipment rentals to accommodate our customers based on their level of experience and their company’s insurance coverage.

The first option includes a second McClain and Company operator to pull levers and to navigate the rental unit for underbridge access. This rental option ensures that McClain will provide a fully operated under bridge access service for you while you focus on your project work.

In addition, this option does not require you to provide ‘special coverage’ on the Certificate of Insurance (COI) for McClain and Company.

Option Two includes having one of our McClain CDL/DOT approved Driver/Topside Operators for the unit, as well as the customer’s trained and certified Basket/Platform Operator for the Under Bridge Inspection Unit.

Keep in mind that this option requires a COI from your company that includes special coverage known as ‘Contractor’s Equipment Floater’ coverage in the amount of the replacement value of the rented bridge inspection unit. The COI must include the Equipment Floater coverage amount along with the deductible amount.

Aerial Access Equipment, Under Bridge Inspection Equipment, and Under Bridge Inspection Vehicles

While it may seem, at times, that the industry uses multiple terms to describe the same pieces of equipment, they are actually a bit different even if similar.

For example, bucket vans, bucket trucks, and certain boom lifts are typically considered vehicles, or ‘Autos’ for insurance purposes. On the other hand, a Paxton-Mitchell Company SNOOPER™ Truck, or other UBITs, are generally considered ‘Equipment’ when it comes to insurance.

And the term ‘aerial access equipment’ is often used interchangeably with aerial work platforms, bucket lifts, and a few other terms.

Perhaps the most common denominator with all these types of equipment is that they are used primarily for overhead access, either underneath a bridge, when used for bridge inspection or repair work, or on the bridge deck for accessing overhead structural components.

The story is often the same when it comes to Under Bridge Inspection Equipment, and Under Bridge Inspection Vehicles. While there are some distinctions made by insurance concerns, when it comes to inspection equipment rental, you have units that are truck-mounted and others that are trailer-mounted. And their primary purpose is to place workers beneath a bridge deck to provide under bridge access

McClain & Co., Inc is Your Resource for Inspection Equipment Rental Policies

At McClain and Company, we believe that not only is customer service our utmost priority, but that everything we do involves service to our customers. Your success is our success, which is why our primary goal is to help you successfully complete your project. If you have questions about our world-class inspection equipment rental services, or just want to learn more about Under Bridge Inspection Equipment sales and rentals in the Culpeper, Virginia area, you can reach out to McClain & Co., Inc., by calling us at 1-888-889-1284, or email us at [email protected].