Safety is crucial in any industry where physical injury is possible.

But safety is not just about following rules and guidelines. It also means going beyond the minimum standards set by OSHA. Moreover, safety depends on the proper use and maintenance of tools and equipment.

This is especially true for under bridge access equipment users.

Platform Trucks, SNOOPER™ Trucks, and Other Under Bridge Inspection Units

McClain & Co., Inc. offers a range of quality trucks, trailers, and other vehicles for under bridge inspection and maintenance. We support engineering firms and government agencies across the country with our rental equipment and services.

We also ensure the safety of our customers and operators. We regularly check and maintain our rental equipment, and our operators are fully certified and trained. They comply with the ANSI A92 Suite of Standards and carry a certification card at all times.

Furthermore, our rental policy allows our customers to operate the bucket or platform if they have the proper training and certification. We provide the necessary training and certification for this option.

Certifications and Safety Requirements for McClain and Company Equipment Operators

Our safety training facility is affiliated with the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF), and we use their high-quality training materials. IPAF is a global organization that advocates for the safe and efficient use of powered access equipment through various safety campaigns and training courses.

This means that all of our under bridge access equipment operators have to obtain IPAF certification, which is a basic requirement. This certification lasts for five years, but we also require our operators to renew their certification every year.

Our IPAF-based training meets and surpasses the standards set by both ANSI and OSHA. IPAF considers under bridge inspection units as a distinct type of equipment operation that needs two operators.

We at McClain & Co., Inc. understand that accidents can happen in a high-risk work environment like bridge inspection and maintenance, even with all the safety precautions in place.

That’s why we have a policy of requiring immediate re-training and recertification for any operators who are involved in any work-related incidents while using any under bridge or aerial access equipment.

Besides our comprehensive and rigorous training and certification procedures, every bridge access equipment operator on the top side is also a CDL driver.

Usually, our under bridge equipment rentals come with two operators who are trained and certified by McClain and Company. The top side operator drives the truck and works with the under bridge operator to move the vehicle as needed and to adjust the booms.

The other operator handles the work platform or bucket and has to communicate constantly with the top side operator.

Our operators are fully trained to operate the whole under bridge access vehicle, including the bucket or platform. But if customers want to operate the bucket or platform themselves, they only get trained on that part of the operations.

Safety also involves the upkeep and condition of the equipment and tools used. We check the work buckets and platforms every three months, as well as an annual ANSI inspection.

We also do an annual DOT inspection of every rental unit’s chassis.

At McClain & Co., Inc. Safety Really is First

Our involvement in various industry organizations and safety-related bodies shows our commitment to safety.

For instance, Daniel McClain, the owner of McClain & Co., Inc., is a member of the ASC A92 Main Committee, which he joined based on his expertise in technical, safety, and industrial matters. The Main Committee members have to follow the requirements set by the ASC A92 Policies and Procedures and the ANSI Essential Requirements.

ASC, short for Accredited Standards Committee, and A92 are the names of a series of standards created by ANSI and SAIA (Scaffold & Access Industry Association.) The standards aim to prevent accidents and injuries and to set criteria for the manufacturers.

ASC A92 – Aerial Platforms Committee is the official name of the consensus body that ANSI approved for standard development. The committee meets every year to discuss current issues, set policy and procedures for the consensus standards, and assess the progress of each subcommittee.

Turn to McClain & Co., Inc. for Your Access Equipment Rental Needs

McClain & Co., Inc. offers a wide range of truck-mounted and trailer-mounted under bridge inspection equipment.

We are committed to providing high-quality rental equipment and excellent customer service. That’s why we are happy to offer a variety of authentic SNOOPER™ trucks, as well as other top-quality brands of access equipment.

We also care about your success, which is why our main goal is to do everything we can to help you finish your project successfully.

These under bridge inspection truck rental units are suitable for inspectors, contractors, and engineers working on bridges and similar structures. To learn more, contact us at [email protected] or call us at 1-888-889-1284 today!