While bridge inspection equipment can often be rented from various vendors, not every provider of these types of equipment are necessarily professional. It’s not unusual for some firms to rent equipment their staff are less than competent to operate or answer questions about.

The problem that immediately arises for anyone looking for bridge inspection equipment from these types of resources is the uncertainty regarding the quality and integrity of the equipment. No one wants to be positioned in a work bucket or on a narrow platform underneath a highway bridge with a vehicle that may not be reliable.

The Common Hallmarks of Professional Bridge Inspection Equipment Rentals

A professional bridge inspection equipment rental company will be able to offer the equipment, tools, and qualified personnel required to assist bridge inspectors in conducting all the types of required inspections necessary for highway bridges.

Professional equipment rental companies will also have long-standing reputations as premier choices for the best in rental equipment and knowledgeable service. And when it comes to bridge inspection and highway construction equipment rentals, guaranteeing safety is a number one priority for professional rental companies.

This is largely due to the inherently dangerous nature of highway bridge inspections.

As those professionals in the bridge inspection field know all too well, many highway bridges are beyond the reach of conventional telescopic bucket lifts positioned underneath. This is often not a viable option since many bridges are situated over active roadways, waterways, or other inaccessible terrain, requiring the under-bridge regions to be accessed from the bridge deck.

We mentioned the quality of being knowledgeable, but professional equipment rental firms take their level of knowledge far above simply knowing the general specifications of a given piece of equipment. Professional companies such as McClain have a thorough understanding of all the various types and models of equipment being rented and have trained and certified operators available.

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Five Benefits of Working with a Professional Company for Bridge Inspection Equipment Rentals

Perhaps the overriding benefit for those acquiring and using rented bridge inspection equipment is the sheer convenience and peace of mind that a trusted, professional rental company can provide. Professional rental firms understand the needs and requirements of bridge inspections and other related functions and tasks that also require the use of these specialized types of equipment.

In addition, here are some other benefits that bridge inspectors can derive by working with a professional bridge inspection equipment rental company:

  1. Access to a wide range of specialized equipment: A professional bridge inspection equipment rental company will have a wide range of specialized equipment that is specifically designed for inspecting highway bridges. This equipment will be inspected, well-maintained, and calibrated, which will help ensure that inspectors can conduct safe inspections and obtain accurate and reliable data. This also means that bridge inspectors can select the specific equipment they need to conduct their inspections efficiently and effectively.
  1. Cost savings from reduced capital expenditures: Investing in specialized bridge inspection equipment can be costly. By renting equipment from a professional rental company, inspectors can reduce their capital expenditures, save money, and avoid the costs associated with purchasing and maintaining equipment, particularly if they only need to use them on an occasional basis.
  1. Newer equipment: Professional bridge inspection equipment rental companies typically update their equipment inventory regularly, so inspectors can access the latest and most advanced bridge inspection equipment available. This can, in turn, help inspectors identify potential issues more quickly and accurately while performing more thorough bridge inspections.
  1. Flexibility: Bridge inspection requirements can vary depending on the type of bridge, location, and other factors. A professional rental company will offer a variety of equipment options that can be tailored to the specific needs of each inspection, allowing inspectors to choose the right tools for the job. By working with a professional rental company, bridge inspectors can simply rent the specific equipment they need on a short-term basis without having to rely on just one or two units their own company or agency might have available.
  1. Expert technical support: A professional rental company will have knowledgeable technical support staff who can assist with any questions or issues related to the equipment. This can be particularly helpful for inspectors who may not be familiar with a particular type of equipment or technology. In addition, professional companies offer technical support to their customers in the field, which can be invaluable when working with specialized equipment. This support can help bridge inspectors to troubleshoot issues quickly and minimize downtime during inspections.
  1. Time savings and efficiency: Renting bridge inspection equipment from a professional rental company can save time compared to purchasing and owning the same equipment. For example, rental equipment is delivered directly to the job site and can be picked up and returned when the job is complete. This eliminates the cost and time required to transport, store, and maintain owned equipment. In addition, making use of rental equipment from a professional company allows bridge inspectors to focus solely on their core functions and responsibilities of inspecting and maintaining highway bridges.

Finding a Professional Bridge Inspection Equipment Rental Company

There are several options generally available for those agencies and designated contractors who carry out the work of mandated highway bridge inspections. And, while some DOTs or private firms may have their own inspection equipment, the vast majority look to equipment rental companies.

However, finding a reputable and professional bridge inspection equipment vendor can be difficult.

And while vetting and choosing a professional bridge inspection equipment rental company can be a challenging task, there are several steps you can take to simplify the process:

  • Search online: You can start your search by looking for companies online. Use major search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo and search for “bridge inspection equipment rental” or related keywords.
  • Check directories: There are several online directories that list companies that offer bridge inspection equipment rental services. Examples of these directories include Rent It Today and Equipment Radar.
  • Ask for referrals: By asking for referrals from people in your industry or colleagues who may have rented bridge inspection equipment before can provide you with known, trusted, and reliable companies, they have worked with in the past.
  • Check equipment inventory: When you do find some prospective companies, check their websites, or call them to inquire about their equipment inventory. Ensure that the available equipment is sufficient to meet your needs.
  • Look for experience: Choosing a company with a proven track record and reputation for providing quality equipment and services to its customers is essential. This can be determined in part by checking the reviews of the company online as well as by asking for references from some of the company’s previous clients.
  • Verify insurance and licenses: Always confirm that the company you choose has the required licenses and insurance coverage to operate in your area. This will protect you from any liability in case of accidents or damage.
  • Compare prices: You should also obtain quotes from a few promising rental companies and compare their prices. However, be careful not to compromise quality simply for the perceived benefit of lower fees.

Following these steps can help you find a reliable and professional bridge inspection equipment rental company that meets your needs and help you succeed with your project.

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The Advantages of Working with McClain & Co., Inc. for Bridge Inspection Equipment Rentals

As we’ve emphasized in this article, the reliable and efficient inspection, maintenance, and repair of the nation’s transportation infrastructure is critical. And the safety and integrity of the 600,000-plus highway bridges that make up the essential links of our roadway system require the use of professional bridge inspection equipment.

According to the National Bridge Inspection Standards (NBIS) requirements, highway bridges in the U.S. “are inspected at least once a year every 24 months for highway bridges that exceed 20 feet in total length located on public roads. Many bridges are inspected more frequently.”

For bridge inspectors and others in the industry, the hallmarks of professional bridge inspection rentals are safety, reliability, and affordability.

Whether this means large, specialized truck or trailer-mounted equipment for inspecting large bridge structures, or an agile under-bridge bucket unit for routine work on maintenance or periodic repairs, it is essential that workers can rely on a professional and reputable source for their bridge inspection equipment rentals.

And McClain and Company has continued to be that source for more than two decades.

[h2] McClain and Company: For the Best in Highway Bridge Inspection Equipment

The professionals at McClain and Company consistently work hard to provide the best in bridge inspection rental equipment. And along with our high-quality equipment, we also provide the very best in customer service.

While we are known for our great selection of under-bridge inspection equipment, McClain also offers a wide range of Hi-Rail, other Utility, and Aerial Equipment rentals. In addition, we provide our customers with a variety of traffic safety and highway construction services.

So, if you have questions about our bridge inspection equipment rentals or our any of our other rental services, we invite you to contact McClain and Company today by calling us at 1.888.889.1284 or emailing us at [email protected]