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Underbridge Utilities and ConduitMcClain & Co., Inc’s Construction Division has been working in the Underbridge Utilities and Conduit industry for more than 15 years with a focus on timeliness and communication. To ensure successfully completed projects, we maintain a staff of highly skilled and certified personnel with a broad range of experience in Underbridge Utilities and Conduit. McClain & Co., Inc. prides itself on building lasting relationships with industry professionals by openly communicating with all invested parties. We believe that clear lines of communication are imperative to reaching our project goals. Weekly internal meetings between the Project Manager and Superintendents ensure a straight line of communication between the client and the personnel completing the work.

We have the expertise and equipment to meet your needs. McClain & Co., Inc. maintains one of the largest fleets of Underbridge Access Equipment in the industry as well as an extensive group of Utility and Aerial Truck Rental Equipment. This fleet is available to our Construction Division as needs arise, even if those needs happen to rise unexpectedly. By having the tools to respond to the unexpected keeps our company flexible and your job on schedule. Completing projects on time is a standard that is stressed to all levels of employees and measures are continuously being taken to reach that standard.

Underbridge Utilities and Conduit projects that McClain & Co., Inc.'s Construction Division offers may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Underbridge and Underground Utility conduit relocation
  • Underbridge gas pipeline
  • Utility connections to bridge structural elements
  • PVC pipe installation
  • DI pipe installation
  • RFP pipe installation
  • Galvanized rigid conduit installation
  • Junction boxes for traffic control devices
  • Navigational lighting 

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